360 Journal

About this App

The 360°Journal app delivers 360 results about how you live your life. Our core objective is to help you reduce stress and boost your energy. That is what we do best. If you want to BE, DO or HAVE anything in life – it is going to take energy. We follow the seven Energy giving dimensions which include: Sleep,Exercise, Nutrition, Good stress, Values, Goal setting and Gratitude.The 360°Journal app can take as little as one minute per day (Your Daily Wellness Minute +) to fill in some life changing information in the daily journal. We have integrated with the Apple health app which allows users to consolidates data in one convenient place. The Apple Health app allows users to share relevant data with the 360°Journal app. Weekly rewards can also be earned if you beat your start of programme tracker scores. Included in the 360°Journal app is a stress management course, a master class goal setting programs, 6 x training plans, recipes, a gratitude journal and an exercise journal. In total the app records 12 different areas of your life. And it includes 12 life changing resources. The 360°Journal app can be used by individuals. Or as part of the 360° Employee Wellness programmes from which the average group scores are tracked anonymously week on week. Compare your weekly scores with your peers at work. Companies can also incentivise groups to reach agreed goals creating a teambuilding and social atmosphere. Take a 360 approach to your wellness and wellbeing. The 360°Journal app keeps you accountable no matter where you are in your wellness journey. Fits in your pocket too.